Today's mass market isn't. These days big, homogenous demographic groups just don't exist. Maybe they never did. In any case, precise targeting is the only way to reach your best prospects.
That's why we invented High-Definition Targeting, a better way to target your message based on income, lifestyle, even beliefs. We've built a proprietary process that provides more precise targeting with less waste than you ever thought possible.
Our people also have one other important tool at their disposal: good, old-fashioned arm-twisting. By knowing the right people and negotiating hard, we generally get clients more than their money's worth. And since you'll probably spend most of your money on media, all that added value really adds up.
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Hany Soufrakis
Chairman of Ghibli Raceway international
We trust SPARK Consultancy so much as they used to offer us professional and respectable work for our international motor sport events at our international circuit
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