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BusworldKortrijk Beats all records in 2011, and more expected for 2013 (18 – 23 Oct.)

Busworld Kortrijk 2011 was an outstanding success. Over six days, from 21 to 26 October, a total of 31,698visitors came from 118 countries. This was yet another new record for the exhibition, with visitorscoming from as far afield as China, Japan, India, North and South America. It certainly surprised theBusworld team, because they had been hoping for at least 28,000 visitors! The nine halls and the Rambla covered a totalof 61,000 square meters, holding 340 exhibitorsfrom 32 countries. They included 70 busand coach builders, with some very importantpremières. Some were a well-kept secret, right up to the moment when the covers came off. Further evidence of the importance of BusworldKortrijk came from the attendance of145 specialized journalists, from all over theworld. Each of them had plenty of news to reportfrom a small Belgian city that became, fora week, the hub of the world’s bus and coachindustry. One of the main themes of Busworld Kortrijkwas sustainable mobility. Buses and coacheshave long since shed their old image of beingnoisy and polluting. The latest Euro 5 emissionlimits are extremely strict, but will becomeeven more tight with the introduction of Euro6 for vehicles registered from 1 January 2014. More records are expected for Busworld 2013 (18 – 23 Oct.) in Kortrijk ….Looking forward to meet you there.