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The 9th specialized luxurious cars exhibition (EXCS) prepare to launch a Riyadh

BAs a specialized luxurious cars exhibition, EXCS thrives to find a solid structure to achieve the aims of the exhibitors and customers in a unique and friendly location in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At Four Seasons Hotel 20-22 October, 2015.

The Arabian Gulf Region is well known as a center of interest in the luxury cars segment, the latest figures have shown a great interest for the luxury car manufacturers in marketing their high end cars, especially in the Saudi market, the biggest market and economy in the region.
Luxury cars reflects the financial and social stature of its owner, more interest in owning these cars that combine luxury, comfort and high performance have become a new trend in the elite class in the region. Taking into consideration the new level of equipment’s facilities for entertainment and business at the same time, using the latest Audio-Video features as well as the electronic communications systems, such as the internet, emails and facsimiles, in addition to the navigations systems that use the GPS (Global Positioning System)