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67th IAA Commercial Vehicles with new slogan … “Driving tomorrow”

“Driving tomorrow”
67th IAA Commercial Vehicles with new slogan, key visual and conference format
– VDA President Mattes: Healthy economy supports the IAA – Focus on electric mobility and digitization

“The slogan ‘Driving Tomorrow’ represents both a claim and a promise. In September the IAA Commercial Vehicles, the world’s leading mobility platform, will be the driver of dialog and innovation surrounding the global forward- looking questions for the commercial vehicle industry,” stressed Bernhard Mattes, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), as the IAA’s new key visual and slogan were unveiled. “We definitely feel the support from the wider economy. The commercial vehicle markets in Germany, Europe and the US are on a growth path in 2018, while Russia and Brazil are also expanding strongly again after years of crisis. Vans are benefiting from the dynamic increase in online business. These are good conditions for a successful IAA,” Mattes emphasized.
He added that road freight traffic would also expand all over the world in the coming years. Furthermore, increasing urbanization was focusing more social and political discussion on commercial vehicles. “With ‘Driving Tomorrow’ we are underscoring the pivotal role played by commercial vehicles in the future of mobility, logistics and transport. This industry will join in actively shaping the innovation process,” Mattes said.
The new key visual draws together the topics for the future of the commercial vehicle industry, creating a dynamic connection between the commercial vehicle as a product, rapid digitization and the challenges facing urban transport and distribution. Mattes stressed, “The commercial vehicle industry is currently undergoing a sea-change. The symbolic linking of the various commercial vehicles – heavy trucks, vans and buses – points up the fact that the transformation is already in full swing in all areas.”
The key visual also illustrates the transformation of the IAA into an international mobility platform, with a younger and more modern design language. “The ongoing development of the corporate design and the powerful new slogan underscore the changes in the IAA – becoming more digital, more proactive and more innovative all the time,” Mattes explained.
In addition to digitization, the IAA is primarily highlighting new developments in powertrains. In buses and vans the trend is clearly toward electric propulsion, along with natural gas and hybrid engines. The modern, efficient, low-emission diesel engine also has a future, especially for long-distance transportation and in heavy-duty trucks. “Commercial vehicles contribute to achieving the climate targets. CO<sub>2</sub> emissions per tonne-kilometer have been falling for many years now. And comparison of the different modes of transport shows that buses are undeniably the absolute CO<sub>2</sub> champions,” Mattes underscored.
Moreover, better aerodynamics, low rolling resistance tires and the latest driver assistance systems ensure additional reductions in consumption. “So the IAA showcases the entire range of innovations in the commercial vehicle sector,” the VDA president pointed out.
The IAA reflects the whole value chain in the commercial vehicle industry, from vehicles to transport and logistics service providers, from the makers of trucks and vans, buses and trailers, all the way to the many medium-sized suppliers. The IAA is also opening up to new groups such as startups. And the New Mobility World will once again be a central part of the IAA Commercial Vehicles. Mattes emphasized, “The New Mobility World has established itself as an important element at the IAA, where several sectors will come together in Hannover to make the topics of the future something to be experienced.” The heart of the New Mobility World is the FORUM conference program.
The 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles is the world’s most important industry meeting place for presenting and discussing future solutions for transport, logistics and urban mobility. It will be held on the Hannover trade show grounds from September 20 to 27, 2018, and is organized by the VDA. It will be preceded by a press day on September 19. September 20 is both a press day and the opening day.