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  •  The bus company Andimar acquired 13 road buses with UV-C disinfection systems in the restrooms and antimicrobial curtains


Adopting technologies to make transport safer and more sustainable is growing rapidly in Latin America. After Argentina, Chile also closed a deal to acquire vehicles with Marcopolo BioSafe solutions for transporting workers from a mining company in the country.

A traditional customer with a 100% Marcopolo fleet, the company Andimar, which belongs to the JM Group, bought 13 Paradiso New G7 1800 Double Decker buses. The vehicles have a UV-C light disinfection system in the restroom, antimicrobial curtains between the seats and in the aisle, hand sanitizer dispensers on the way up the stairs to the second floor and at the entrance of the service door between pivoting joints.

“For us, it is very important that our customers choose solutions that make transportation safer and enable activities to be quickly resumed”, José Luis Moraes Goes highlights, executive manager of International Business of Marcopolo Americas Region. “This is the second order that has BioSafe solutions and we are sure that more and more customers will use these technologies”, the executive adds.

Andimar’s 13 Paradiso New G7 1800 DD have 43 sleeper seats (31 on the upper floor and 12 on the lower floor) with leg rests, individual monitor and individual USB socket set-ups, chromotherapy lighting all in LED, and a set-up for three 21.5” monitors on the upper floor and two on the lower floor. They have an air conditioning and heating system, two refrigerators, a device to heat food on the upper floor and four devices to heat liquids, two on the upper floor and two on the lower floor.

In order to increase comfort, safety and convenience for drivers, the vehicles were also equipped with a double half-sleep chair for the assistant driver, a private cab for resting on the lower floor and an access door to the luggage compartment with electropneumatic activation, which does not require the driver´s to perform manual operations. The new buses will be delivered in July and will start operating immediately.