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Tested and confirmed throughout Germany:

QUANTRON electric waste disposal vehicles convince. Now with 5 year warranty

  • Quantron QHB (electrified Mercedes-Benz Econic) already successfully tested for everyday suitability at over 20 waste disposal companies
  • 100% emission-free and low-noise
  • Battery of the Quantron QHB has up to 280 kWh capacity, is cobalt-free and equipped with extremely flame-retardant lithium iron phosphate technology (LFP)
  • Quantron QHB has up to 350 kW drive power with a torque of max. 3500 Nm
  • maximum load capacity of the drive axle is 13 t
  • QUANTRON offers a 5-year full warranty* on selected models of its electric refuse collection vehicles


Quantron AG electrifies commercial vehicles from 3.49 to 44 tons gross combination weight, including waste disposal vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz Econic. The company’s environmentally friendly solution, called Quantron QHB, has numerous advantages and also impresses in practical tests. With immediate effect, the company is also offering a five-year full warranty on selected models of its Mercedes-Benz Econic, MAN TGS and DAF CF electric waste disposal vehicles, as well as on selected rear-loader bodies.

Exceptional performance data. 9-hour shift without intermediate charging.

The QHB scores with its power of up to 350kW and a maximum torque of 3500 Nm. The battery of the QUANTRON vehicle also impresses with up to 280 kW storage capacity. This enables the vehicle to either cover a range of up to 240 km (without body activity) or to empty up to 1,000 refuse containers in a 9-hour shift in two refuse tours. Without intermediate charging. Further advantages of the QHB are that the e-drive technology and electrification can also be retrofitted to existing vehicles and is also suitable for various attachments and superstructures.


Additional plus: 5-year full warranty and state-of-the-art battery technology

QUANTRON draws on 139 years of commercial vehicle experience. Users and QUANTRON are convinced of the quality and performance of QUANTRON’s electrified refuse collection vehicles. That is why the electrification pioneer is now offering a five-year full warranty on the chassis and powertrain. The offer applies to chassis from Euro VI emission level of the combustion engine.

The batteries installed are cobalt-free and equipped with extremely flame-retardant lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology.


Proven in everyday use: the Quantron QHB


The environmentally friendly and low-noise QHB waste disposal vehicle has already been proving its worth for many months. The QHB has been in use at leading German waste management companies since May 2020 and has proven its suitability for everyday use in cities such as Frankfurt, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Nuremberg, Bremen, Ulm, Darmstadt, Constance, Kassel, Halle and Essen. The easy handling for drivers and loaders was rated particularly positively. For example, the operation of the electric QHB differs only minimally from that of a conventional vehicle, and no special handling is required in the fleet. The vehicle could be dispatched and used in all applications, with very few exceptions, in the same way as previous internal combustion vehicles. Up to 1000 refuse containers and two refuse tours in a 9-hour shift were part of the compulsory discipline during the operations of the Quantron QHB 27-280. A good starting ability, the high payload and the extremely good efficiency of the drive were noted.