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“Continental at the IAA MOBILITY 2021: Driving the Future of Mobility for 150 Years”


  • At the IAA MOBILITY 2021, Continental is set to commemorate its 150th anniversary by presenting groundbreaking answers to crucial questions about the future of mobility
  • Its focus will be on server-based vehicle architecture and automated driving
  • Continental CEO Nikolai Setzer: “In the future, we will not just be driving vehicles, but also experiencing them. That is what our hearts have been beating for 150 years”
  • World premiere: Continental to present a particularly sustainable concept tire that combines current and future innovative tire construction technologies, providing an insight into its diverse sustainability initiatives


“Safe. Connected. Convenient. Driving the future of mobility for 150 years.” – this is Continental’s tagline for the IAA MOBILITY in Munich, Germany. With experience spanning one and a half centuries, the technology company is set to present intelligent solutions for the safe and sustainable mobility of people and the transport of goods. Visitors to the trade fair can experience the latest Continental technologies and innovations both on site in hall B1 (booth C20) and virtually. A press briefing with CEO Nikolai Setzer will be held at the start of the trade fair on September 6, 2021, from 11:25 a.m. to 11:40 a.m.


The company is to present its technology portfolio at the IAA MOBILITY under the umbrella of two future themes: supercomputers in cars and automated driving. “In the future, we will not just be driving vehicles, but also experiencing them,” believes Setzer, adding: “That is what our hearts have been beating for 150 years.”


Server-based vehicle architecture: how cars are set to become computers on wheels

New platform architectures and high-performance computers are revolutionizing modern vehicles. At its booth, Continental will demonstrate how software and powerful IT infrastructure based on the Continental Automotive Edge Platform enable new functions and are transforming mobility. It will also be showcasing the opportunities offered by server-based architectures.


The future of mobility is autonomous

In the future, more and more vehicles will first become automated and later autonomous. At the IAA MOBILITY, Continental will highlight the latest trends and developments for autonomous private and fleet vehicles. The technology company will present radar sensors, camera technology, LiDAR sensors, high-performance computers for automated driving, full-stack software, in-cabin monitoring and solutions for human-machine interaction. Continental will also be participating in demonstrations of automated, driverless parking as part of a project by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (Verband der Automobilindustrie, VDA).


Partner for a clean and livable future

Sustainable business is the future – that is what Continental stands for. In a first step, the company will therefore make its global businesses for emission-free mobility completely carbon-neutral from as early as 2022. At the IAA MOBILITY, Continental will present a world premiere in the form of a particularly sustainable concept tire that combines current and future innovative tire construction technologies. In doing so, the company will provide an insight into its diverse sustainability initiatives. The integrated, sustainable design aims to minimize resource consumption along the tire’s entire value chain. Among other features, the premium tire manufacturer will showcase for the first time the use of sustainable polyester yarn obtained from recycled PET bottles.


User experience (UX): I drive, therefore I am

Continental is constantly striving for a seamless, barrier-free and innovative mobility experience. At the trade fair, the company will present solutions in the relevant disciplines of design, innovation, functionality, individuality and sustainability. Application examples range from vehicle access to acoustic, display and surface solutions. One such example is another first, this time in the area of future mobile interiors: the AMBIENC3 concept vehicle combines retro with the future and completely redefines the role of surfaces with a view to the requirements of automated driving.


Intelligent mobility: vehicles as part of the internet

At the IAA MOBILITY, Continental will demonstrate with its self-developed software and hardware solutions how intelligent mobility is made possible and helps to reduce accidents, avoid traffic congestion and lower emissions. In addition to these applications, the portfolio includes dedicated services for sharing, fleet and logistics providers as well as car manufacturers.


Safe travel

Continental will also showcase its role as a leading systems supplier for technologies that ensure greater driving safety, with solutions that enhance the entire process chain of driving (SensePlanAct). These include further developments in the fields of brake systems and sensors as well as the next generation of restraint systems to protect passengers. These innovations are forward-looking and connected, and mark a further milestone on the path to Continental’s Vision Zero – a world without traffic accidents.


Press briefing on September 6, 2021, in the Press Center West, 2nd floor

Continental’s press briefing will be held on September 6 from 11:25 to 11:40 a.m. Under the tagline “Safe. Connected. Convenient. Driving the future of mobility for 150 years,” Nikolai Setzer will present the company’s IAA highlights. The briefing will be held in English. Due to time constraints, an official Q&A session is not scheduled. Owing to the coronavirus regulations in place, only a limited number of around 20 participants will be admitted to the press briefing on site in Munich, Germany. It will also be possible to follow the press briefing on the virtual Continental event platform or in the company’s press portal via livestream.




Press briefing: www.continental.com/iaa

Virtual event platform: www.continental-virtual-events.com/HeartbeatCorner