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These results demonstrate the success achieved just over a month after its launch

Introduced just over a month ago, the Marcopolo Generation 8 coaches reach the milestone of 200 units sold to customers in the Brazilian and Latin American markets. The result represents purchases made by over 40 companies and demonstrates the excellent customer receptiveness during pre-launch visits and after the official presentation of the new models that introduced even higher standards of efficiency, comfort, safety and sustainability.

According to Marcopolo´s CEO James Bellini, the vast majority of customers decided to introduce the new vehicle into their fleets, anticipating their renewal programs and offering more technology to attract and retain passengers. “Our customers are optimistic about tourism recovering by the end of this year, and to encourage road transport, there is nothing better than state-of-the-art vehicles that add excellence to their operations”, the executive emphasizes.

According to the executive, demand in the charter segment is still high, also due to distance issues for transporting collaborators, and tourism operators are optimistic about the progress made with vaccinations and the increase of passengers’ confidence in resuming their travels and vacations.

With the current volume of orders of Generation 8 models, the production line dedicated exclusively to their manufacture at the Ana Rech unit has a full schedule until the end of 2021. “New orders for Generation 8 models, which were very well received by the market, will be delivered starting in 2022”, he explains.

In the second quarter of 2021, Marcopolo’s production grew 21.6% compared to the same period in 2020, totaling 2,483 units. The result is four times greater than the 4.7% increase registered by the total production of bus bodies in the country, in the same comparative period.


Paradiso G8 1800 DD, the best seller

Generation 8’s most popular model, the Paradiso 1800 Double Decker, has aroused the most interest among transport operators, especially due to the over 140 new attributes for drivers, passengers and operators that the Generation 8 introduced to the coach segment.

Conception of the new generation resulted in over 60 patents that generate gains in Comfort, Reliability and Operating Cost. The models have an unprecedented design, with Marcopolo DNA and an aerodynamic coefficient of just 0.379. The use of special materials is another advantage. The new roof is entirely made of aluminum, with reduced weight, greater durability and resistance. The use of special polymer raw materials to manufacture the bumpers, front grill and back cover, among others, provides lighter, extremely resistant parts, with excellent mechanical properties and an ideal surface for applying paint, which ensures superior standard of quality and finish.

Among the innovations are the adoption of a cabin protection structure that increases passive safety for the driver, lights up to 3.5 times more effective compared to models currently on the market and the adoption of optimized production processes in the factory to raise the level of standardization and quality in the manufacture of buses even higher, based on the most modern concepts of the automobile industry.