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QUANTRON is accelerating its design-led journey to become a global manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles

  • E-mobility specialist Quantron AG sets out to become an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • The “QUANTRON vision 2025” project aims to create a strong brand identity by creating a unique vehicle design and thereby optimize aero and energy efficiency
  • Italian design expert Fabio Filippini and Spanish innovation consultancy Mormedi led by Jaime Moreno support QUANTRON with their global expertise
  • The first steps are the design for a 12 meter bus, a light truck and a heavy US truck.


Quantron AG, specialist for commercial vehicles with electric and hydrogen drive trains, is setting out to become an OEM for zero-emission vehicles. To strengthen the identity of the products and the QUANTRON brand, the company is bringing international design expertise on board.

The aim of the “QUANTRON vision 2025” project is to build a strong brand DNA by creating a unique QUANTRON look and feel. Vehicle design not only has an aesthetic function, but also has a major impact on aerodynamics and thus on the vehicle’s energy consumption.

International design expertise for a unique and exciting vehicle design

The experts accompanying QUANTRON on this journey are well-known figures in the mobility-industry: Italian car designer and design strategy consultant Fabio Filippini – who lead for more than six years the Pininfarina Transportation Design in Turin – and Spanish design and innovation consultancy Mormedi, led by Jaime Moreno.

Fabio Filippini about his collaboration with Quantron AG: “QUANTRON has built very strong roots in its past. Transforming these into the new world of QUANTRON, which is a much more complex ecosystem of services, existing and new products, presents a great challenge for any creative. That’s why I wanted to include Mormedi, which are specialized on this type of brand identity within the transportation industry. That way we can make sure we’re up to the big challenge as one team.”

Jaime Moreno of Mormedi complements: “This is a great opportunity. Today we need brands like QUANTRON that are committed to zero emissions. And they are not dreamers, they are already building vehicles. What we want to offer QUANTRON is a vision of what the new products will look like in the next five to ten years.”

QUANTRON vision 2025

The “QUANTRON vision 2025” project begins with a unique QUANTRON design for its 12-meter bus, which will be launched in the near future. A QUANTRON design for a light truck and a heavy U.S. truck are also in the planning stages.

Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron AG explains: “Quantron AG has the vision to become a global leader in zero emission global transportation services and products. Therefore the unique touch and feel of the design has to be in sync with the brand DNA of QUANTRON, which stands for clean technology and zero-emission. There is no better team to give QUANTRON a global identity than Fabio Filippini and Moreno. Our ambition has to be that by 2025 latest, our sustainability focussed customers will recognize a Quantron product at first site, clean, sophisticated, high tech and representing the future of sustainable transportation.”

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