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Automechanika Shanghai 2021 announces …

onsite-to-online touchpoints that support knowledge sharing and networking


Automechanika Shanghai continues to address the demand for knowledge sharing and network building that industry professionals crave. Players can access valuable online content in the lead up to the physical show, offering a sneak peek into the global automotive trends discussed during onsite events on 24 to 27 November 2021 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The show reinforces its network building capabilities by introducing upgraded functions on AMS Live and personalising the business matchmaking experience through Match Up.

 To keep the industry active and innovative, the organisers of Automechanika Shanghai have devised new cross-boundary communications to stimulate industry interactions through the entire automotive value chain. These in-person and online touchpoints aim to build relationships and foster higher shared learning and networking amongst exhibitors, visitors, media, associations, government bodies, research and training institutes.

Ms Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, explains: “Now more than ever, there is a willingness to reach across time zones and continents to connect with people, as business networking has evolved into crafting experiences that communicate ideas and opportunities. Therefore, the 17th edition of Automechanika Shanghai will centre on providing participants more valuable onsite-to-online encounters through creative and personalised content, events and services.”

Upgrades to AMS Live help companies explore global markets

For the second year running, the show’s online platform, AMS Live, will provide solutions for participants looking to access the show’s resources anytime and anywhere. A glimpse into some pre-show activities will be available on the website from 10 November 2021, with content hinting at many of the physical fair’s key highlights.

To illustrate, Automechanika Shanghai has teamed up with Magic Cube, a highly influential industry media outlet in China, to interview several exhibitors, organisations, associations and more. Since the programme launched in September, the first livestreamed series, A Dialogue with Automotive Entrepreneurs, has received an overwhelming response from viewers that acknowledged the organisers’ efforts in offering an easily accessible outlet for information exchange. The series expects to be seen by over 200,000 viewers as it continues onsite with a host of industry leaders explaining how they are adapting their business strategies in response to the broader operating environment.

The show has also engaged with overseas thought leaders to discuss prominent trends sweeping across countries and regions like Africa, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and the US. These conversations outline different business climates, potential opportunities and market entry points for companies looking to venture into the international market.


Vital exchanges through onsite events and the AMS Live stream

Content from over 50 fringe activities across the four-day show offers a wide variety of resources for participants exploring future developments. A number of these will be conducted in an onsite-to-online environment.

Furthermore, many speakers are affiliated with top companies leading the charge for industry transformation and upgrade. With this, Automechanika Shanghai aims to boost market momentum and function as a catalyst for innovation across various supply chain stages. Key events include:


Tomorrow’s Service and Mobility Summit (24 November 2021)

Experts from the European Association for Electromobility will join remotely to share their views on connected commercial vehicles across Europe. Companies including Chuhang Technology, Dongfeng Motor, Plus and ZF will explore smart connectivity and hydrogen fuel cell energy in logistics and transportation.


2021 International Green & Intelligent Automotive Congress (24 November 2021)

The Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) RWTH Aachen University, Germany, will touch base with a number of China’s leading new energy car brands. They plan to discuss the current research on autonomous driving in Europe, core technologies for connected cars, applications, systems, and advanced new materials.


Automotive Aftermarket Summit (25 November 2021)

Autozone, Bosch, Gates, New Carzone and NGK will examine how smart logistics can benefit suppliers and end users, opportunities brought around by Dual Circulation, and the influence of carbon emission goals in the aftermarket.


China Used-car Reconditioning and After-sales Service Development Summit (26 November 2021)

Organised with the China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA), the summit sets to address the domestic trend towards the used car market, as well as service standardisation and digital platforms in the value chain.


China International Tyre Industry Conference 2021 (26 November 2021)

Co-organised with the China Rubber Industry Association, the conference prepares to delve into upcoming requirements for new energy vehicle tyres.   

Other highly sought out events include:

  • Forums, demonstrations and training in the Green Repair Area that focus on the new energy vehicle aftermarket and green repair solutions  
  • How AIoT is Transforming the Active Safety of Commercial Vehicles
  • High Quality Commercial Vehicle and Tyre Dynamics Technology Forum 
  • International Summit of Connected-Vehicle Policies and Regulations 2021


A wider scope of business matching activities

As a gateway for Chinese businesses trading with the global automotive industry, facilities at the Overseas Hybrid pavilion provide communication channels for remote players in the Singapore pavilion plus other exhibitors from seven countries and regions who cannot join the show physically. In tandem with the upgraded services on AMS Live, registered participants can also leverage AI matchmaking, lead management and real-time analytics to find new partners. These are in addition to established functions like the online booths, livestreaming events, live chat and online meetings.

Match Up is another initiative that presents a more personalised and targeted approach to business expansion and relationship management with buyers from 60 countries and regions already signed up.

To sign up for Match Up, please click here: https://automechanika-shanghai.hk.messefrankfurt.com/shanghai/en/programme-events/Businessmatching.html

To register on AMS Live, please click here: www.automechanika-shanghai.com/vor


In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, organisers of Automechanika Shanghai will continue to ensure appropriate measures are in place to safeguard the health and safety of all stakeholders at the show.

Please contact Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd on + 852 2802 7728, visit www.automechanika-shanghai.com or email [email protected].com for further enquiries.