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Letenda unveils the “Electrip” electric city bus built for the harsh winter conditions in Canada

Zero-emission bus manufacturer, Letenda, has unveiled its flagship Electrip electric bus designed specifically to navigate the harsh winter conditions in Canada. The all-electric city bus is the flagship vehicle for Letenda following six years of research and development, alongside help from partners like Cummins.


Letenda is an electric bus manufacturer based in Quebec, Canada. Since being founded in 2016, the Canadian team has focused on providing sustainability to transit bus transportation while meeting the needs of both EV operators and passengers alike.

Letenda’s first electric bus model, designed and built entirely in Quebec, is the Electrip – an all-electric ultra-lightweight, long range, 9-meter (~29.5 foot) intermediate bus. The Electrip features a modular structure made mostly of aluminum, inspired by the aeronautics industry.

Depending on a customer’s chosen configuration, its full low floor can transport up to 45 people, including 24 seated passengers and up to six wheelchairs. The electric bus has also been designed to successfully integrate the latest autonomous vehicle technologies.

Following over six years of development, the Electrip electric bus has finally hit roads in Canada, although many of them are still covered in snow. That shouldn’t be much an issue however, since Letenda designed its Electrip bus with Canadian winters in mind.

Electrip electric bus: Built in Canada for Canada

Letenda recently unveiled its first electric bus via a press release and a coinciding video on YouTube showing the Electrip in action. The video features Letenda President and CEO, Nicolas Letendre, who shared the following:

We are proud to present today the result of six years of research and effort: the Electrip, an electrically powered city bus designed to withstand winter temperatures. This achievement was made possible with the help of an experienced team including world leaders in electric vehicle technologies and Quebec manufacturers to develop and market an innovative bus. The Electrip is perfectly suited for transportation companies wishing to reduce their environmental impact and optimize their operations while moving towards sustainable mobility. Our product is complementary to the existing electric vehicle offer for public transit due to its size and innovative design.

The electric bus was developed with the help of several partners to Letenda in Canada, including global mining group Rio Tinto and battery technology from Cummins. Financial support for the Electrip project came from private investors as well the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation du Québec, the Ministère de l’Énergie et de Ressources naturelles du Québec and the National Research Council of Canada. Here are some of the Electrip’s specs according to Letenda’s website:

  • 30-foot, heavy-duty 100% electric bus
  • 222-296 kWh energy onboard powered by Cummins Li-Ion NMC modules and integrated battery management system
  • Charging time is 2 hrs at 150 kW using DC power
  • Low floor design allows for easy entry/exit for passengers plus more room onboard
  • Heated surfaces help keep bus windows clear from ice and fog
  • Radiant heat flooring helps keep bus interior warm for passengers during winter months

One important spec Letenda has not yet shared it what sort of range the Electrip can offer in summer and winter months. Regardless, the Canada-built electric bus is available now. Check out the unveiling video below: