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Maxion Wheels Launches Next Generation of Lightweight Steel Truck Wheels for European Market

Weight Savings of 3 kg Per Wheel Deliver Fuel Efficiencies and Can Increase Truck Payload by 40 kg or more

 Maxion Wheels, the world’s largest wheel manufacturer, announced today the launch of Europe’s lightest mass-produced steel truck wheel at IAA Transportation 2022. With weight savings of 3 kg across the wheel line-up, compared with current state-of-the-art steel truck wheels, Maxion’s lightweight wheels can add a payload increase of 40 kg or more.
Wheels are one of the heavier components on a truck, making weight savings a priority for fleets. Reducing wheel mass, while preserving safety, quality and performance, can benefit both fuel efficiency and payload.
Lightweight, high-performance wheel expertise has made Maxion Wheels the leader in the supply of steel truck wheels. This new generation, beginning with the first wheel, a 22.5 x 11.75, will raise the standard even higher.
“Maxion Wheels is able to continue reducing weight, generation after generation, because we are passionate about engineering, avoiding unnecessary costs and supporting our customers with achieving their efficiency and sustainability targets,” said Pieter Klinkers, CEO of Maxion Wheels. “Every kilogram we remove means significant fuel savings and extra payload for customers. With the focus on fleet efficiency and vehicle productivity growing, selecting lighter, cost-effective wheels is a simple optimization that unlocks a lot of additional value.”

Maxion Wheels has a unique Lightweighting Process that integrates all performance and design parameters into advanced structural and simulation tools. Maxion experts use this information, combined with their materials expertise and production know-how to identify solutions that combine meaningful savings with the highest possible performance.

Lightweight design is also an important element in Maxion Wheels’ ROADMAP ZERO strategy to remove CO2 emissions from its products and operations. With comprehensive lifecycle data, the positive impact of mass reductions on vehicle and production efficiency is clear. Lightweight design advances will play a role in a production-ready low-CO2 steel truck wheel available in the near future.


Maxion Wheels, a division of Iochpe-Maxion S.A., is the world’s leading steel and aluminum wheel supplier. Our low-carbon expertise and energy-efficient designs help cars, buses, trucks and trailers achieve real-world carbon footprint reductions. Our diverse global teams and inclusive culture powers every advance we make. Maxion Wheels works with global vehicle manufacturers on wheels for personal mobility, transportation, agriculture, defense and off-highway applications. Our 10,000 employees operate out of 30 locations in 14 countries on five continents, including state-of-the-art technical centers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Together we produce more than 50 million wheels a year, making us the world’s largest producer and supplier of wheels. To learn more, please visit Maxion Wheels’ website at www.maxionwheels.com.