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Marcopolo Paradiso G8 1800 DD expands brand´s presence in Latin America


Marcopolo sells 10 units to ITTSA BUS, operator in Peru

 Marcopolo´s Paradiso G8 1800 Double Decker coach remains the most requested model by road transport operators in Latin America. ITTSA BUS, from Trujillo, Peru, has just acquired 10 new units. The vehicles, sold by Mercobus, Marcopolo’s representative in the country, will be used for regular line operations.

“Generation 8 continues to expand its presence and strengthen Marcopolo’s participation on the roads of Latin America. The 1800 DD model has especially conquered operators and the market, transforming how main roads of the continent look”, highlights Guilherme Schmidt Neto, Commercial Operations Consultant Foreign Market responsible for the Peruvian market.

The 10 Paradiso G8 1800 DD buses of ITTSA BUS are 14.4 meters long, with next sleeper seats with massagers on the upper floor, and sleeper seats, on the lower floor, all with retractable seat belts, cup holders and USB sockets. For more comfort, the vehicles are equipped with Valeo CC430 P3 air conditioning and a restroom with ultraviolet light system for disinfection, interior with chromotherapy, two 70l and 53l refrigerators, 58l food heater and two 6.5l liquid heaters.

Among the electronic equipment, the buses have an audio and video system, with a DVD player and five monitors on the upper floor and two on the lower floor, a monitoring system, with six internal and one external cameras (reverse). They also have a total separation wall, curtains, electronic itinerary, luggage area and overhead rack.

ITTSABUS began its activities in 1992 and ever since, has invested to offer a great travel experience to its passengers, with a modern fleet that is constantly being updated. The operator is one of the most traditional in the Peruvian market and has approximately 200 buses.