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Automechanika Istanbul 2024, the largest meeting of the automotive aftermarket industry in the region, has started


 Türkiye’s largest international trade fair, Automechanika Istanbul connects the most important players in the industry for the 17th time this year. The
Automechanika Istanbul 2024 which started with a gala night at the Rahmi Koç Museum, will host over 1,400 exhibiting companies from 35 different countries over four days. The trade fair, which hosts the strongest global players in both supply and purchasing, aims to reach the largest business volume of all time.

Automechanika Istanbul, organized by Messe Frankfurt Istanbul and Hannover Fairs Turkey at the Istanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center in 15 halls and 43,000 square meters, includes global automotive aftermarket giants such as Brembo, Group Auto, Kale, Lucas Electric, Mansons, Saint-Gobain, Sampa, Stellantis, Yanmar, and ZF Aftermarket. Representatives of major companies which are members of the International Federation of
Automotive Aftermarket Distributors (FIGIEFA), which shapes Europe’s automotive aftermarket regulations, are also visiting the trade fair.

In addition to the tens of thousands of products and services exhibited, Automechanika Istanbul offers a wide range of events focused on corporate and personal development, Sustainable production policies, equal opportunities, employment, innovation, digitalization, and transformation. The opening program held on the evening of May 22 at the Rahmi Koç Museum gathered the most important names in the industry. Speakers at the opening ceremony included Baran Çelik, Chairman of the Board of OIB, Albert Saydam, Chairman of the Board of TAYSAD, Ali Özçete, Chairman of the Board of OSS, Salih Sami Atılgan, Vice
President of the Board ITO, Mads Engberg, President of FIGIEFA, Detlef Braun, Messe Frankfurt Member of the Executive Board, Annika Klar, President of the Board of Hannover Fairs Turkey, and Michael Johannes, Automechanika Brand Manager.

Expectation of over 50,000 visitors
During the opening ceremony of the Automechanika Istanbul 2024, Messe Frankfurt Executive Board Member Detlef Braun and Hannover Fairs Turkey President of the Board Annika Klar hosted guests and made the following joint statement: “We thank our stakeholders for their contributions in supporting us in organizing Automechanika Istanbul for the 17th time. Thanks to your support, you have made Automechanika Istanbul one of the leading trade fairs in this country. This year, our trade fair hosts 1,450 exhibitors from 35 exhibiting countries, and 12 country pavilions. The presence of 752 foreign exhibitors once again highlights the international dimension of our trade fair. The German pavilion has especially expanded this year with 25 companies. We are excited about the expected visitor number being over 50,000.”
In his speech, Automechanika Brand Manager Michael Johannes emphasized that innovation, sustainability, recruitment, and the training of skilled personnel guide the automotive industry. He noted that these important issues need to be promoted and supported through trade fairs, pointing out that trade fairs are central to industrial developments and collaborations.

“Türkiye strengthens its position in the global automotive market”

Mads Engberg, President of the International Federation of Automotive Parts Importers, Exporters, and Wholesalers (FIGIEFA), which represents 18 countries, 19 associations, and 5 buyer groups from Europe, had this to say about Automechanika Istanbul, which also holds great importance for Europe: “Today, we are facing significant moments not only for the Turkish automotive industry but also for the global automotive industry. Istanbul acts as a bridge between east and west across Europe, the Middle East, and the Caucasus. The automotive sector in Türkiye is a cornerstone of the Turkish economy and the national economy. Over the past decade, Türkiye has solidified its position as a global player in the automotive aftermarket. Türkiye shows a strong presence not only in the replacement market but also in all main automotive markets as both a vehicle and spare parts manufacturer. FIGIEFA’s mission is very clear: to advocate for the competitiveness and independence of the automotive sector. Istanbul is not just a platform for business but also a platform for automotive business goals and dreams.”

“Turkish mobility industry writes a new story”
Albert Saydam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TAYSAD, stated that Automechanika Istanbul makes significant contributions to the industry by connecting the entire chain of the automotive industry. He said, “The Turkish automotive sector is undergoing an evolution. During this process, Automechanika Istanbul provides a significant platform by bringing together all stakeholders in the industry. Visit Automechanika 2024 and be a part of the new story that the Turkish mobility industry is currently writing. This trade fair is a unique opportunity not only to follow global developments but also to see how Türkiye adapts to these developments. The Turkish automotive sector is making great strides in technology and innovation. New mobility solutions, autonomous and electric vehicles, sustainable production methods, and many more innovations will be showcased here. Thank you for believing in us and the Turkish mobility industry. Together, we will continue to work to move this sector forward.”

“Ensuring the integration of Türkiye’s automotive sector with the world”
Salih Sami Atılgan, Board Member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), expressed his great pleasure at the 17th occurrence of the largest meeting of the automotive aftermarket industry in Istanbul: “The strength of Türkiye’s automotive sector and the appeal of Istanbul will provide significant support for Automechanika to be the meeting point of the world again this year. The automotive sector in Türkiye is integrated with the main industry and the subsidiary industry and holds a leading position in exports. In 2023, the subsidiary industry and spare parts sector rose to fifth place with exports exceeding $14 billion. This sustainable success requires working in harmony with new trends. Automechanika Istanbul continues to be an important platform that ensures the integration of Türkiye’s automotive sector with the world. As the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, we strive to strengthen Türkiye’s economy and increase the competitiveness of our members.”

“An opportunity to take a closer look on global developments”
Ali Özçete, OSS Chairman of the Board, emphasized in his speech that Automechanika Istanbul is the most important trade fair of the sector: “The trade fair is of great importance for our sector as it is an important platform for us to follow global developments closely. We are pleased to closely follow the developments occurring globally and to adapt these developments to our country. Trade fair organizations are of great importance for elevating our exports to higher levels and for developing bilateral relations of our sector stakeholders. Our association will continue to strongly support this organization.”

“An important platform for export connections”
Baran Çelik, OIB Chairman of the Board, emphasized that the Automechanika Istanbul has a significant share in the $35 billion export achieved by Türkiye’s automotive industry: “As the only coordinating union of Türkiye’s automotive industry, we have been serving since 1991. Our main goal is to sustainably increase Türkiye’s automotive exports. The automotive industry has been the export champion for 17 out of the last 18 years. Nearly 9,000 exporters affiliated with our union have contributed to the country’s foreign trade surplus by exporting over $100 billion in the last decade. In 2023, the automotive industry became Türkiye’s export champion with $35 billion, and you have played a major role in this success. In the first four months of this year, we reached $12 billion in exports with a 5% increase. The information sharing and connections made by sector representatives at the Automechanika trade fair will be very valuable for our exports.”

More than just a trade fair
Automechanika Istanbul, which highlights sustainable production policies and innovative solutions in the automotive industry, connects sector leaders with the latest technologies in the e-mobility and automotive world in the special area ‘Innovation 4 Mobility by BAKIRCI’. In the area consisting of eight sections: ADAS & Diagnostics, Charging Stations, Maintenance & Repair & Safety Equipment, Axle Measurement & Tires, Chassis Repair, Body & Paint, Expertise & Inspection, Battery Test & Repair, BAKIRCI Group demonstrates new generation technologies to all visitors.

Also, located in Hall 12, Automechanika Academy consists of high-standard educational, informative, and enlightening presentations, talks, and sessions by expert speakers. The sessions in the program continue to provide up-to-date information about the latest developments, trends, and technologies to the R&D, design, and production teams of large regional and national automotive manufacturers.

Continuing its tradition of encouraging young generations to contribute to the automotive industry and build their careers in this field, Automechanika Istanbul offers university clubs from different parts of Türkiye the opportunity to exhibit their projects in Hall 12-A. Additionally, the “Women Masters Compete” program prepared by TOBFED offers colorful content in various competitions for female professionals in the sector in Hall 12 over four days.

Automechanika Istanbul will host new business connections
Under the Automechanika brand, the number one trade fair brand of the automotive aftermarket industry, 14 trade fairs are held worldwide in 14 different countries. With its location between Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, as well as Türkiye’s production and export potential, Automechanika Istanbul is now more than a regional trade meeting. It is positioned as a giant platform that is closely followed by the world, where innovations are showcased, trends are set, and it contributes to the global automotive aftermarket industry in every way, including qualified employment. Automechanika Istanbul, which makes Türkiye an international trade center in aftermarket services as well as automobile production, aims to host over 50,000 automotive professionals from around the world.