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Busworld Southeast Asia 2024: A triumph of innovation and networking

Busworld announced the resounding success of the 3rd edition of Busworld Southeast Asia, held from May 15-17, 2024. The event has once again cemented its position as the premier platform for the bus and coach industry in the region, showcasing groundbreaking innovations and fostering invaluable connections.

 The 2024 edition was held over a 6,500 sqm area, featuring 48 exhibitors from 6 countries, including 6 vehicle exhibitors and 42 suppliers of components and accessories. The event drew 4,582 visitors from 33 countries, reflecting the growing global interest in Southeast Asia’s dynamic bus market.


 Adiputro, the major Indonesian bodybuilder presented a diverse range of buses, including a double-decker (Volvo B11R chassis), a single-decker coach (Mercedes-Benz chassis), and the fifth generation of the Jetbus series. Adiputro received the Coach Sustainability Award for their Euro 5 compliant 3-axle vehicle, a notable achievement in a region still predominantly Euro 4.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024, New Armada showcased five vehicles, including the premiere of the Vision 8 Touring with a unique single glass design and the Aero8SLR sleeper bus. They won the Coach Design Award for their innovative Skylander series.

Known for their dedication to safety, Laksana presented a 12-meter e-bus developed with Hyundai and a new half sleeper, half executive class model. Their Legacy SR3 Suites Combi earned them the Coach Safety Award.


Tentrem, a family-owned business introduced the Velocity W5 designed for the Transjakarta BRT line, and the luxurious Avante H8 Grand Captain coach. The Velocity W5 won the Bus Technical Achievement Award.

Golden Dragon (SAG) showcased three electric buses, including the 6-meter All Star for urban last-mile operations and the 12-meter E-Bus Low Entrance, which won the Bus Design Award.

Petrosea together with the Universitas Indonesia highlighted their diesel bus conversion into an LFP battery EV bus, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable transport solutions.


The exhibition also featured a diverse array of components and accessories from 42 suppliers. Highlights included advanced seating solutions, state-of-the-art HVAC systems, cutting-edge digital systems, and innovative fire extinguishing systems, with leading companies such as SONGZ presenting their best-selling bus air conditioning system, the LMD-VI, which boasts both a heat pump and electric cooling system.

The event also highlighted ultra-luxurious seats, designed to provide exceptional comfort, echoing the ‘BUSiness class’ level of comfort found in premium buses with features like ergonomic designs, oceans of space, high-quality materials, and advanced adjustability.


Conference and Company Pitches

The knowledge-sharing events at Busworld Southeast Asia 2024 were a highlight, featuring 31 expert speakers who shared their invaluable insights with the audience.


The EV Conference, titled ‘Bus Fleet Electrification: Insights From Global Public Transport Innovators,’ drew 80 attendees and represented 13 Indonesian cities. High-level representatives from major global cities, including London, Hong Kong, Wellington, and Jakarta, offered their perspectives on the electrification process.

Key discussions included secondary factors crucial to successful electrification, such as insurance implications, special depot requirements, and the retraining of drivers. Despite challenges, such as the current state of Indonesia’s electricity grid and the fact that less than 20% of the country’s electricity is green, there is strong momentum towards electrification. The Indonesian government is committed to driving this transition, and local bodybuilders are actively preparing their vehicles to meet future demands.


Moreover, the company pitches were a significant addition to the event. Industry leaders such as Ctrine Engineering, MassTrans, Mellor (Cummins), Pinnacle Industries, Songz, Telma, and Uno Minda showcased their latest products and innovations. These sessions provided purchasers from body builders and operators direct access to cutting-edge solutions, further enhancing the event’s value. The presentations from these pitches are available for download on the Busworld website, offering ongoing resources for attendees.


The positive engagement and proactive discussions at the conference underscore the industry’s readiness to tackle current challenges and embrace a more sustainable future.




Back in 2026

Busworld Southeast Asia 2024 demonstrated the immense potential of the Indonesian bus market, particularly its focus on comfort, safety, and sustainability. The success of this edition underscores the importance of participation, whether as an exhibitor or visitor. The next edition will be organized in 2026. 

Vincent Dewaele, General Manager of Busworld, concluded:”Busworld Southeast Asia 2024 showcased the drive and commitment of our industry towards a safer and more sustainable future. The enthusiastic participation and knowledge shared here will undoubtedly propel us forward.”

Awards 2024


Press awards in the Coach Category

  – Sustainability Award: Adiputro – JETBUS 5 SDD

  – Design Award: New Armada – Skylander Vision 8 Touring

  – Safety Award: Laksana – Legacy SR3 Suites Combi


Press awards in the Bus Category

  -Technical Achievement Award: Tentrem – Velocity W5

  -Design Award: SAG – Golden Dragon 12 M E-Bus Low Entrance


Press awards in the Supplier Category

  -Safety Award: Telma

  -Innovation Award: Stonkam


Visitor Awards by voting

  – Most Innovative Coach: JETBUS 5 MHD – Single Glas by Adiputro

  – Most Favorite Coach: Skylander Vision 8 Touring by New Armada

  – Most Favorite E-Bus: E-cityline 3 by Laksana


Busworld Member Achievement: Songz